Our Work

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder

Originally this customer had an airing cupboard with a traditional hot water cylinder and tanks in the loft. As part of a refurbishment we converted the system to an unvented hot water cylinder which gave much better pressure throughout. It also meant the loft and airing cupboard could be converted into a useable space. We then installed the new tank under these stairs to make use of the space.

Electric boiler

This customers flat did not have gas and so the most cost effective way to heat the property was an electric boiler, as seen on the left, which heated the radiators and the hot water cylinder in the same way a gas boiler would

Vaillant Ecofit Pure boiler

The Vaillant Ecofit Pure boiler is not only a reliable combi boiler, it’s also very compact, so in a smaller property where space is limited, it’s ideal. This was installed for a landlord when the previous boiler packed up and came with a 10 year warranty

Grant External oil boiler

This is an External oil boiler from Grant, which we installed for a customer to replace an existing internal oil boiler. One of the benefits of this, apart from freeing up space inside, is that it’s great for maintenance as it makes access much easier.

Vaillant LPG boilers

This customer wasn’t on the main gas network so we installed 2 large Vaillant LPG boilers, linked together, and providing heat and hot water to 4 different properties. Each property has it’s own independent time and temperature control

Boiler relocation

We relocated this boiler from inside the customers property, to a well insulated outbuilding outside the property, meaning there was now space in the kitchen. It is connected to both a radiator circuit and an underfloor heating circuit.

Tank replacement

This customer had an existing airing cupboard in the bathroom downstairs, taking up valuable storage space. We removed all the tanks, and fitted this Vaillant IQ in the loft space. This meant there was more space in the bathroom, and this boiler is powerful enough to run the 2 bathrooms.

Vaillant IQ boiler and Vaillant unvented cylinder

This Installation in a loft, consisted of a Vaillant IQ boiler and a Vaillant unvented cylinder. The IQ is one of the most efficient boilers on the market. That, combined with the unvented cylinder and Vaillant controls, meant the system could be easily controlled via an app, and would keep running costs to an absolute minimum. The heating was split into 3 zones – Radiators, Bathroom towel rails, and an Underfloor Heating circuit. That means in the summer, just the towel rails in the bathrooms could be heated. We installed isolation so that each part of the house could be individually isolated.

Grant Oil Boiler

This Grant Oil Boiler was installed to heat the customers home, aswell as an annex and 2 separate hot water cylinders. The controls were set up so that both heating and hot water in the main house and the annex could be controlled separately. We also fitted isolation valves for maintenance so that each zone could be drained independently if maintenance was required.

Controls (Vsmart)

Fit the right thermostat, and the boiler will be even cheaper to run! With this we installed the Vsmart thermostat to control the times and temperature of the heating. The vsmart is a smart thermostat and uses ‘Load Compensation’ and ‘Weather Compensation’. Using these two processes, the boiler uses less gas to get your home to the correct temperature, making it cheaper to run. The added bonus is that you can control it from your phone – no heating an empty home, and you can control it with Amazon Alexa aswell.